2017/18 Senior Rego Information

New – Payment Structure for Seniors

This year the committee has decided to implement a new fee structure whereby we remove the idea of a weekly match fee.

Everyone will sign up at the start of the season and pay a single fee for the whole season, regardless of the number of games played.  The agreed fee structure will work as described below:
You will choose to either pay a full up front early bird fee of $550 for grades 1-4 or $400 for 5th grade for the year. This will need to be paid before the first round begins.
Alternatively, you will choose a payment plan, which will equate to an annual payment of $650 for 1s to 4s and $500 for 5s.
If choosing payment plan, you must pay $200 up front to register, and then regular (monthly or weekly) payments must be made by bank transfer.
The weekly payment over 22 weeks would work out to be about $20/week for 1st to 4th grade and about $9/week for 5th grade.
These fees will be substantially lower than those paid last year for week to week payers. The catch will be you need to make these payments whether you play or not.
Casual Membership Fee
We are creating this membership category for the player that is only available for the very occasional game. A casual player will only be selected if no full fee paying member or junior is available. It is purely for those occasions (as sometimes happens) where we need a last minute fill in and cannot supply from within our usual playing ranks.
The $100 will cover supply of uniforms etc.
Do not sign up for casual membership if you want to play regularly!

Senior Playing Fees 2017/18


 Early Bird fee (paid before first round) 
Alternate Payment Plan
1st to 4th grade$550 
$200 plus $20/week*
5th grade$400 
$200 + $9/week*
Casual Membership$100